About Us

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

We agree. We just don't believe it should take 1,000 emails to create that picture.

It's time for a fresh perspective.
The talent booking process hasn't changed since the 90's. Technology has streamlined and improved everything else in the world, but it left the talent industry behind.

So we created LÜK – A cutting edge way to cast, book and pay talent.

We get the picture. Or rather, we help you get the picture.

Think of it this way - we are your industry expert, your personal booking specialist and your accounting department's new best friend. We are an all-in-one talent-booking platform dedicated to providing the best, most diverse talent available.

About Us

Our mission: Allow you to focus on the big picture while we handle the details.


Save 15+ hours producing your next photoshoot

Onboard, approve, and pay contractors the easy way. A payroll & workers' comp solution for 1099 freelancers.